Celebrating my 29th

Last 21st November, my friends made me a surprise and celebrated my 29th Birthday. I really can’t describe how I felt seeing all my friends waiting for me at La Wein Cafe to celebrate my BDay. It was a massive one seriously and what made me even happier is meeting all of them at once together. I won’t be able to bring them in if I tried to make a tweetup or a meeting .. was really great day for me!

I’d like to thank all of you guys for the great celebration .. it was awesome meeting you all. I’d also like to specially thank my best friend Nehal for all these preparations, you did surprise me really in an awesome way .. thank you so much dear 🙂

For all my lovely Tweeps who made me a celebration on Twitter, thanks a lot guys it looked like a festival not a birthday to me 😀 & would love to see all of you in my next Bday God’s Willing isa .. Wishing you all the best & happiness in your lives; that was unforgettable one indeed.

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Back again :)

I know it’s been loooooong time since I wrote my last post; but as I was saying I was reinventing my old wheels to start a new phase of my life with new theme, concepts & ideas to continue my life with new spirits & challenges.

I just want to highlight that my blog here is not a technical or providing a la up2date news for readers, it’s just my personal blog where I’d share my personal thoughts & life progress with my friends and whoever are interested in keeping in touch with me that I may “It’d be pleasure” inspire my reader to something he probably was thinking about or looking for.

To find more Technology or Design useful links, you can follow me on my other stream here Geeee Online

For this blog I’ll start updating it & start writing on more topics to encourage myself to go further in my busy life ..

Sorry about this but as you may know … It’s me .. It’s the way I am 😉

The Way I Am ~ Introduction

I know myself. I’m a big problem from inside. I know I am and it keeps nagging me all the time. I know it’s inside of me long time ago, but I can do nothing about it. It’s just me.

Every single day I keep saying to myself, what if I’m another person that has no skills like the one I have now! What if someone else has the same capabilities or the same skills? He would probably use it more effectively than I actually do.

I can see young players around me trying to step their first steps or trying to prove themselves in a way or another, which is their right of course; but what about me? I used to have that feeling of underestimating myself with no intense of course, but I just feel it. I feel like I’m always overload myself and ask for a little when I should ask for more.

What made me take it seriously this time is that most of my real friends keep saying to me that I should do so and so, or make so and so, or this is the right place for you, this is this the right thing for you … etc

Have you ever felt one day that you should work in a certain field, place, time or even with a certain group of people? Have you ever felt that you should become someone else with different skills or doing something else than what you are doing right now? .. I feel it .. everyday! I know I have another person, inside of me.

For this reason, I’m going to write this down. I need to do at least one good thing for him before the time is over.

That was a small intro for the second person inside of me, the one that I should be, and the one that I should thank for what he did for me, the one I used to call him … Geeee


To be continued …

“Work” Bad description for something really cool

You know that I get really so nervous when I hear this word?! Although I don’t show this feeling to anyone and although am saying it all the time (that I have work to do) but it makes me feel so mad

Of course I know that we are working and working hardly to achieve our goals, prove ourselves … bla bla yeah I know and I was telling myself these things too from time to time to keep myself cool, but I don know I just feel that this is a wrong description for something really nice I do. For me, the word “Work” or “Study” makes me feel like I should do something that I really hate, just because someone told me to do as an order; and this could kill me, I hate doing anything I don’t like ..

Yeah, I’m paranoid 😀 of course I’m Scorpio 😀 and yeah I have a problem in this issue specifically. But really I just hate these two words since I was young and I couldn’t say a word that time but hell No .. I should stop saying this word from now on, I can’t even imagine that I name my career or what I’m doing as “Work” blah … ya3!!! I would like to name it “7arakat”, “7ewarat”, “7abashtakant ya ma3alem”, “SekoSeko” ay 7aga .. sorry I mean anything rather than this 😀

When I was young, I wasn’t concentrating on the business side of anything I do, I could even do anything for free for the sake of fun only. Yes I was enjoying everything I was doing more than now. Things became so complicated and really boring. If I keep naming what I do as “Work”, probably I’ll fail in it just because I hate it .. i hate it .. i hate itttttttttt kj^%&^@%JHKJHKJK peeep [email protected]&E*&YHH peeeeep

You need to be creative in anything you do in life, and you won’t be creative in work trust me, you’ll only be creative in something funny or something you’d really enjoy & love, so from now on we don’t have “WORK” … we simply have some stuff to be done ya ma3alem ;P

Frab: Elly hayegi ye2oly 3ayzak fe work, harmeeh men el balacona … ana ba2oloko aho 😛

PS. try to get used to my casual, Franco Arab (Frab) language. You can ask me if you couldn’t understand any of them 😉

A small reminder; What was your Goal?!

Each one of us has some skills. The problem is that most of us either don’t know they have it, or they don’t appreciate it well.

Being talented should make you grateful for the gift that God gave you, and should put more responsibilities on you to use this gift in a way that can help other people in their lives.

That made me think about my career and how can I get the most of it to help my country, religion and my people. Of course it was difficult for me somehow to figure it out since I wasn’t thinking of it that way.

I was like most of nowadays people, making money and be rich, buying my brand new car, having my own studio .. etc this is fine with anyone and you will not be considered as a selfish person even. But thinking about that, I realized that this wasn’t my intention and my targets in life, I must have something bigger than this, something more important, something more valuable.

Going backwards with my memory, I remembered some of my old thoughts and dreams I was planning to achieve when I was child. I remember that some of my friends was laughing at me trying to get me down with or without intention. The problem is that it wasn’t the right time for me to think about something big simply because I was child but when I grow up and got what it takes to make them real, I just got busy with other things.

Time after time, I became more busy with what am doing, my business, my career, designs, media, life .. etc, and in the middle of all this I forgot the main reason why am I doing it from the beginning? What for?

I felt like I lost myself, my beliefs and my concentration in the middle of the day to day work, fights, & life rules. Putting your full concentration over small details will make you forget your main target, which means the failure of the whole thing.

That was a small reminder for me and for you … I’m reminding you of what you’ve forgotten at the end of the day … the goal of being alive.