Launches, progress & other updates!

Nowadays; One can be easily distracted with the existence of Facebook, Twitter, Notifications, Alerts .. etc. I couldn’t find some free time to write down more details about my updates & work progress until I switched off everything. So here we go:

Portfolio is Live!

Finally I’ve managed to make my own portfolio and launch it live – see the “Portfolio” link on top. Some of you may think that it’s easy to create your own portfolio by uploading some images of your artwork; but it’s not. When you actually sit and check all your recent & old artwork pieces, you’ll find that some of them are not as good as to show them to public or for your potential clients; you need to refine your collection and even do another work by enhancing the presentation of your artwork on your portfolio site. Also I do recommend that you write a brief about each project, the experience behind it and what did your client like or not like about it. It’ll require more time and effort to organize your projects & present them in a decent way but it is really worthy.

You’ll feel it’s difficult & time is being consumed at the beginning; but once you managed most of your projects & artworks, updating them becomes very easy for you in the future. Maybe we can discuss more about how you can improve & organize your portfolio in future posts, but for now you can check my very basic Portfolio site as I’m still updating it & uploading more projects from time to time; and don’t forget to leave your comments too 😉

Lounge is Live!

Months ago, I wanted to start a new small blog to post & share my findings and the freebies I keep collecting whenever I navigate the web; that made me use Posterous for its simplicity of posting resources & updates quickly without leaving the website I’m opening. But after a few months I found many of my friends inviting new readers to join and enjoy the free stuff; that made me think of expanding my posterous blog for better organization taking it to the next level by moving from Posterous to a complete WordPress site named it “Geeee Lounge” where you can find resources, good reads, music, videos & freebies – read more about it.

I have more ideas & thoughts about this site that I’ll implement in the future; but now; you can go check it out and download all the free stuff there. If you found a bug or a missing link please report it and also don’t forget to leave your comments too.

IMIDOS Website & Blog

IMIDOS is my little design & translation company started on January 2010 in Cairo, Egypt. As its still new we just managed to launch a primary website with a little content just to introduce ourselves to public; but after 5 months and getting people to know us more and more, we need a new organized website that can present our services & updates easily & professionally online.

We are currently setting up a new website while merging the site with our blog as well so you can get our updates from one place. The new website should be launched soon but you can view IMIDOS current website or blog; and don’t forget to join our mailing list, facebook page or Twitter to get IMIDOS latest news and updates.

Back2VAC! is Live

Back2VAC is a series of technical & entertainment campaigns, events and activities targeting all youths, school or college students and fresh graduates. The aim of this campaign is to create opportunities for them to start engaging with the community; in the meanwhile, creating a healthy & entertaining atmosphere that can help them be more productive and self confident – read more.

Back2VAC is still in the beginning and from the feedback I received from people it’s really very promising and I hope me & my team provide the best and always be helpful for our community. We still have plenty of activities and plans to be implemented through Back2VAC so keep an eye on this campaign and feel free to join us on Facebook page or Twitter to be notified with the latest offers and updates.

Facebook page exceeds 100 members

I’m really happy that I meet new friends and know more people in every single day, either on Twitter, Facebook or other sites I’m already on. As for today, my Facebook page exceeded 100 members; maybe it’s not a big number for some of you but it is for me definitely! I’ve created this page to share non-personal topics with my friends and their friends too; so they don’t need to add me in person to get such stuff.

I do post a lot to all my blogs and twitter accounts but for those who didn’t catch up with my tweets or links for any reason, they can find a summary of the most important stuff on facebook page streamed directly to their accounts and also you can chat online with me with no setups or installations. I have future plans to this page too to give it more creditability & make it more useful not only in entertainment but for projects too; just let’s keep this for the nearest future. Be my guest and join me & my friends on facebook & your are welcome to post your shared stuff as well 😉

I think it’s enough updates for one post and let’s keep some to another posts 🙂 but as you can see we are almost finished with the foundations in short time; and soon, with your support, we will get our projects to the next level.