1. Mitch says:

    The genius store cadell, they’re running out of you.

  2. MaryNovember 28, 2011 My kids just got to see A Charlie Brown Christmas for the first time this weekend and they are in love with it. My 4yo son hasn’t stopped talking about snoopy and his little buddy (woodstock) and charlie brown all weekend. This would make his week. Today for sharing at preschool he brought in the snoopy pillow his grandma made for his dad when he was a kid

  3. Ich habe mich bisher erfolgreich gegen einen Account bei Facebook entschieden, auch wenn sich dort viele Bekannte tummeln. Das wird vermutlich auch erst mal so bleiben. Ich bin zufrieden mit Twitter und G+, das reicht mir an aktiver Zeit in diversen Netzwerken. Dazu habe ich ja noch mein Blog zur Kommunikation.Facebook weiß auch ohne Anmeldung mehr über mich als mir lieb ist. Also spare ich mir die komplette Anmeldung gleich ganz.

  4. But those FX support the film, they don’t denigrate it’s value! They’re FX that help tell the story, not remove the viewer from the film experience a la the Star Wars Prequels……Thin Red Line will stand the test of time okay, but for different reasons. As far as impact goes, SPR remains the better film.

  5. 1 – 10 (can I give 20?)2 – 53 – 74 – 10+5 – 56 – 77 – 38 – 79 – n/a to me – sorry10 –10 – YES always!!!!Question 5 always sounds double-edge. what is “whatever” and typically only top managers/owners focus on bottom lines. rest of working in the “middle” tend to focus more on getting it done right the first time

  6. What memories looking at the way Compo looked before the hurricane in the early 50′s took down the double deck & the raised boardwalk. Those floats were still there but never put back after the storm. Thanks Dan for bringing me back when. Westport is still in my bones!

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